We are Mill House Roasting Co.!


   Founded as a wholesale retailer in 2015 we serve local Maui cafes and our own restaurant; The Mill House.  Demand for our coffee has grown across the islands and to the mainland, so we are doing the same!  We have opened our new roasting room and cafe on The Maui Tropical Plantation and are opening our online store for business.  Here we plan to roast for anyone in need of quality coffee.  Whether for your home, office, or business; we promise to serve you a consistent cup of Aloha.  No matter where you are in the world!

Our Coffee

   We take pride in our responsible growth and sourcing of the 100% Hawaiian beans we roast.  Our assurance to you is that your beans were naturally grown.  Either by us, or other local farmers using clean and simple growing methods.  Read more about our beans in our blog.

    Our roasts and varieties are crafted to suit any palate.  From our rich dark roasted Red Catuai to Maui’s uniquely nutty Mokha, we cater to the black coffee drinkers as well as those looking for a smooth mild brew.  In between, we supply a brightly acidic Typica bean at a medium roast and a full-bodied Peaberry perfect for espresso or a morning wake-up call.  Not to mention, flavored blends for those who like a little extra.

The Mill House

   We don’t forget our beginnings as the original roastery for The Mill House.  The foodie gem of the Maui Tropical Plantation, where Chef Taylor Ponte shares creative dishes sourced from the island with an in-house  attitude.   They grow their own food, juice their own drinks, even make their own plates, and through us, source Mill House Roasting Co. Coffee!

   Mill House Roasting Co.  operates as a tenant on the Maui Tropical Plantation.  That means you can come visit us on your next trip to Maui!   Come check out our roasting room cafe and see where your cup is roasted.  Open 7 days a week, we serve individual brews, espresso drinks, and Mill House pastries while sharing coffee knowledge with the curious.  Next time you’re in Maui, come talk story with our enthusiastic roasters while we craft you a cup!