100% Maui Mokha Coffee


100% Maui Mokha Coffee

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Cultivar: Mokka (Maui Mokha)
Elevation: 350-1,800 ft
Morphology: small bean size, green tip leaf, dwarf stature
Roasts Available: Medium or Dark
Tasting Notes: layers of chocolate, nuts, malt, spice, floral
Recommended Brew Method: Pour over, Chemex, French Press

 The Mokka varietal originated hundreds of years ago as a mutation of the bourbon coffee varietal. In the mid 1900s, mocca was brought to Brazil and eventually to the CTAHR research center on the Big Island of Hawaii. The mokka varietal grown on Maui today is hybridized with typica. Due to its small size, low yield, and harvesting challenges, farmers usually choose not to grow it. This makes mokka extremely rare and unique to Maui. 

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