Dark Roast - 100% Kaʻu


Dark Roast - 100% Kaʻu

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Producer: Various
Origin: Hawaii
Region: Ka’u District, Big Island
Cultivar: Typica, Caturra
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1500-2500 ft
Morphology: medium bean size, bronze tip leaf, tall stature, lateral branches are generally tilted upwards at a 50-70 degree angle
Roast: Dark
Tasting Notes: rich, bakers chocolate, caramel

Kaʻu is an up-and-coming coffee region on The Big Island; now going toe to toe with Kona in statewide competitions.  Coffee rerouted this region’s economy after the end of the sugarcane era.  Fueled by their passion for elevating the region, the farmers produce  a high-quality bean with a rich flavor.

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