Peaberry - 100% Maui

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Peaberry - 100% Maui

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Producer: MauiGrown (Kaanapali Estate)
Origin: Hawaii
Region: Kaanapali, Maui
Cultivar:  Catuai, caturra, typica, 
Process: Natural
Elevation: 350-1,800 ft
Roast: Medium
Morphology: small-rounded single bean grown on various cultivars
Tasting notes: smooth, complex, chocolate, creamy, vanilla, cinnamon

What is a Peaberry?

Peaberry coffee refers to the development of only a single bean inside of the coffee cherry; rather than the usual two beans found in the majority of coffees.  The small single-beaned cherries are sorted out from the rest of the crop and roasted as peaberry.  Its unique bean shape allows for a more uniform roasting and produces an extremely smooth and balanced cup of coffee. 

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