Hario V60 Coffee Pour Over Cone "Metal Look"


Hario V60 Coffee Pour Over Cone "Metal Look"


The Hario V60 is the “the dripper that can create variations of flavor for those who brew coffee.” Even if the same coffee beans are used, its taste and aroma change depending on the way it is brewed.

Why the cone shape? The cone shaped paper filter adds depth to the coffee layer, so that the water flows to the center, extending the amount of time it is in contact with the ground coffee.

Size: W119 × D100 × H82mm

Capacity: 1-2 cups  

Weight: (including individual box) 320g  

Material: Dripper is Porcelain, Copper Plated, Alloy Plated, Measuring Spoon is Polypropylene 

Made in Japan

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