Introducing: Mill House Roasting Co!!!


Welcome to Mill House Roasting Co.  We are a boutique roasting company operating in tranquil Waikapu Valley, on the beautiful island of Maui.  We seek to be the junction between the small local coffee farmers of our island, and the coffee connoisseurs of the world.


We currently grow Red Catuai and Typica varieties of coffee in our own fields.  Our coffee trees are still too young to meet the demand,  so we source regularly from other Maui farmers as well.  By working closely with the other growers and farming our own beans, we are allowed to be involved in every step of the process, thus having more control over quality.


We roast a variety of coffees including;

  • Maui Typica - Natural Dry - Medium Roast
  • Maui Mokka - Medium Roast
  • Maui Red Catuai - Peaberry - Medium Roast
  • Maui Red Catuai - Natural Dry - Dark Roast
  • 10% Maui Blend, using Red Catuai and Colombian Coffee - Medium/Dark Roast

Maui has a highly-unique climate.  Our soil composition, weather, and altitude combine to make some of the best conditions for growing coffee in the world.  This year, Maui coffees scored 4 of the top 12 coffees being grown in Hawaii at the 8th Annual Hawaii Coffee Association Coffee Cupping Competition.


Our coffees are naturally grown.  We don’t claim to be organic, as we are not certified by a 3rd party agency.   Rather, we practice clean and simple growing methods, such as mowing in between the rows for weed control, using wood chips around the perimeter of each tree, as well as, hand-pruning and harvesting.  We fertilize through irrigation injection methods (fertigation), using naturally approved coffee fertilizers.  


Our site is still under construction but orders are now being processed and shipped.  If you have any problems, do not hesitate to call us at (808) 270-0319.  We will be happy to help you figure out your appropriate order.

We look forward to the beginning of a hopefully long relationship with you as your purveyor of 100% Maui coffees.  Wherever there are cold mornings, we will be your cup of Aloha!